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Advanced Embedded Systems ELEC470 Module
Advanced Guidance Systems AERO430 Module
Advanced Power Electronics ELEC433 Module
Advanced Signal Processing ELEC474 Module
Advanced Systems Modelling & Control ELEC476 Module
Antennas ELEC312 Module
Application Development With C++ ELEC362 Module
Applied Design & Industrial Awareness ELEC273 Module
Avionic Systems Design AERO350 Module
Avionics and Communications Systems AERO250 Module
BENG Project ELEC340 Module
CMOS Integrated Circuits ELEC212 Module
Communication Systems ELEC202 Module
Communications Networks ELEC461 Module
Digital & Integrated Electronics Design ELEC143 Module
Digital and Wireless Communications ELEC377 Module
Digital and Wireless Communications ELEC477 Module
Digital Control and Optimisation ELEC303 Module
Digital Electronics & Microprocessor Systems ELEC211 Module
Digital System Design ELEC473 Module
Digital System Design ELEC373 Module
Drives ELEC331 Module
Electrical Circuits & Power Systems ELEC209 Module
Electrical Circuits & Systems ELEC142 Module
Electrical Circuits For Engineers ELEC121 Module
Electromagnetic Compatibility ELEC382 Module
Electromagnetics ELEC210 Module
Electromagnetism & Electromechanics ELEC120 Module
Electronic Circuits ELEC104 Module
Electronic Circuits And Systems ELEC271 Module
Electronics For Instrumentation & Communications ELEC317 Module
Embedded Computer Systems ELEC370 Module
Engineering Programming ELEC431 Module
Engineering Management & Entrepreneurial Skills ELEC352 Module
Engineering Skills ELEC171 Module
Experimental Skills ELEC172 Module
High Voltage Engineering ELEC407 Module
Image Processing ELEC319 Module
Information Theory And Coding ELEC415 Module
Instrumentation & Control ELEC207 Module
Integrated Circuits - Concepts And Design ELEC372 Module
Integrated Circuits - Concepts and Design ELEC472 Module
Introduction to Mechatronics ELEC123 Module
Introduction To Programming In C ELEC129 Module
Mathematics A For Electrical Engineers ELEC191 Module
Mathematics B For Electrical Engineers ELEC192 Module
Measurement, Monitoring and Sensors ELEC421 Module
MENG Group Project (EEE) ELEC450 Module
Meng Project ELEC440 Module
Microprocessor Systems ELEC422 Module
Mobile Communications and Security ELEC463 Module
MSC Industrial Project ELEC499 Module
MSC Placement Experience ELEC498 Module
Neural Networks ELEC320 Module
Photonics and Optical Information Systems ELEC313 Module
Placement ELEC299 Module
Plasma System Engineering ELEC391 Module
Power Systems Analysis And Dynamics ELEC402 Module
Power Systems and Power Electronics ELEC301 Module
Problem Solving & Industrial Awareness ELEC224 Module
Project, Problem Solving & Industrial Awareness ELEC222 Module
Radio Propagation for Wireless Systems ELEC411 Module
Renewable Energy & Smart Grid ELEC435 Module
Research Skills & Project Management ELEC483 Module
RF Engineering and Applied Electromagnetics ELEC311 Module
Robotic Systems ELEC230 Module
Robotic Systems II ELEC330 Module
Signal Processing and Digital Filtering ELEC309 Module
Signals and Systems ELEC270 Module
The Internet of Things: Architecture and Applications ELEC423 Module
Wireless Systems and CAD Designs ELEC462 Module

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