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Access to Justice and Welfare Rights LAW364 Module
Animal Law LAW348 Module
Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Legal Services LAW383 Module
Asylum and Immigration Law LAW335 Module
Banking Law LAW317 Module
Banking Law LAW815 Module
Business, Governments And International Investment Law LAW378 Module
Children, Medicine and the Law LAW543 Module
Children’s Rights Debates LAW358 Module
Civil Liberties and Human Rights Law LAW823 Module
Clinical Legal Skills - A Law Clinic Module LAW321 Module
Clinical Legal Skills - A Law Clinic Module LAW322 Module
Commercial Law LAW318 Module
Commercial Law: Sale Of Goods & Liability LAW833 Module
Company Law LAW029 Module
Company Law 1 LAW806 Module
Company Law 2 LAW829 Module
Comparative Law LAW344 Module
Conflict of Laws in Commerce LAW835 Module
Conflict Of Laws-Family Law LAW812 Module
Constitutional And Administrative Law LAW803 Module
Contemporary Issues In Constitutional Law LAW343 Module
Contemporary Issues in the Law of Business Enterprise LAW382 Module
Corporate Insolvency Law LAW373 Module
Criminal Evidence LAW033 Module
Criminal Law LAW801 Module
Criminal Law (Level 4) LAW107 Module
Criminal Law (Level 5) LAW207 Module
Criminal Law (Level Six) LAW307 Module
Criminal Law (Level Three) LAW007 Module
Criminal Trial Evidence LAW831 Module
Debates in Charity Law LAW377 Module
Dissertation LAW540 Module
Dissertation LAW036 Module
Dissertation (Cayman Islands) LAW813 Module
Dissertation (Sem 2) LAW035 Module
Dissertation in Law (Sem 1) LAW034 Module
Employment Law 1 LAW816 Module
Employment Law 2 LAW830 Module
Employment Law: Rights And Justice At Work LAW349 Module
Environmental Law LAW838 Module
Equity & Trusts LAW805 Module
Equity & Trusts LAW211 Module
Equity & Trusts (Level 3) LAW311 Module
Ethics in Health Care Decision-Making LAW536 Module
European and Comparative Competition law LAW374 Module
European Union Law LAW810 Module
Family Law LAW316 Module
Family Law 1 - The Law of Adult Relationships LAW827 Module
Family Law 2 - Childrens Law LAW808 Module
Foundations in Disputes and Civil Litigations LAW840 Module
Foundations Of Law And Social Justice LAW102 Module
Further Tort LAW309 Module
Human Rights Action Planning LAW506 Module
Intellectual Property Law LAW814 Module
Intellectual Property Law I: Introduction to Copyright Law LAW338 Module
Intellectual Property Law Ii: Introduction To Trade Marks And Patents LAW339 Module
International Arbitration LAW525 Module
International Arbitration LAW367 Module
International Banking Law and Capital Flows LAW855 Module
International Dispute Settlement LAW521 Module
International Human Rights Law LAW308 Module
International Law and Foreign Investment LAW542 Module
International Law in Current Affairs LAW354 Module
International Peace and Security LAW564 Module
International Protection of Human Rights LAW511 Module
Jurisprudence LAW332 Module
Land Law LAW804 Module
Land Law LAW242 Module
Law and Gender LAW384 Module
Law and Global Health LAW522 Module
Law And Social Justice In Action LAW212 Module
Law Of Contract LAW105 Module
Law of International Organisations LAW312 Module
Law of the European Convention on Human Rights 2 LAW379 Module
Law of the European Union LAW210 Module
Law of the European Union LAW310 Module
Law of the World Trade Organisation LAW526 Module
Law Of Tort LAW209 Module
Law Of Tort LAW802 Module
Legal Skills 1 (Sources of Law) LAW822 Module
Legal Skills 2 - Administration of Justice LAW836 Module
McMaster LAW005 LAW005 Module
Medical Law and Ethics LAW839 Module
Medical Law and Ethics I LAW051 Module
Medical Law And Ethics II LAW052 Module
Medico-Legal Problems LAW541 Module
Multinational Corporations And The Law LAW346 Module
Principles of International Law LAW353 Module
Principles of the Law of Evidence LAW807 Module
Privacy, Surveillance and the Law of Social Media LAW341 Module
Public Health Law and Non-Communicable Disease Prevention LAW368 Module
Public Interest Lawyering Semester 2 LAW369 Module
Public International Law LAW563 Module
Public Law LAW106 Module
Public Law I (Level 5) LAW201 Module
Public Law II LAW202 Module
Socio-Legal Theory LAW550 Module
Sports Law LAW347 Module
The Law of the European Convention on Human Rights 1 LAW362 Module
The Legal System in Practice LAW002 Module
The Protection of Human Rights in Europe LAW573 Module
The Regulation of Emerging Technologies: Law, Ethics and Governance LAW342 Module
The Regulations Of Medicine, Health And Social Care LAW597 Module
Transitional Justice LAW508 Module
Transnational Criminal Law LAW363 Module
Trust, Confidence and Professional Regulation LAW556 Module
World Trade Law LAW319 Module

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