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Accelerator Physics PHYS481 Module
Accelerators And Radioisotopes In Medicine PHYS246 Module
Advanced Nuclear Physics PHYS490 Module
Advanced Observational Astrophysics PHYS362 Module
Advanced Particle Physics PHYS493 Module
Advanced Quantum Physics PHYS480 Module
Alpha Spectrometry PHYS806 Module
Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry PHYS851 Module
Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry PHYS876 Module
Applied Statistics PHYS829 Module
Brachytherapy and Unsealed Source Therapy PHYS857 Module
Bsc Practical Astrophysics Ii PHYS394 Module
Classical Mechanics PHYS470 Module
Clinical Imaging Applications PHYS871 Module
Clinical Radiation Generators and Radiation Dosimetry PHYS854 Module
Clinical Software Design PHYS864 Module
Computational Modelling PHYS305 Module
Computational Physics PHYS205 Module
Condensed Matter Physics PHYS202 Module
Correlated Electron Materials PHYS486 Module
Databases and Data Mining PHYS865 Module
Decommissioning, Radioactive Waste and Environmental Management PHYSN04 Module
Diagnostic Radiology PHYS867 Module
Dissertation for the M.Sc In Radiometrics PHYS843 Module
Dynamics and Relativity PHYS101 Module
Electricity, Magnetism and Waves PHYS103 Module
Electromagnetism I PHYS201 Module
Electromagnetism II PHYS370 Module
Elements of Stellar Dynamics PHYS484 Module
Energy Generation and Storage PHYS372 Module
Environmental Aspects PHYS812 Module
External Beam Radiotheraphy Planning PHYS856 Module
Foundations of Quantum Physics PHYS104 Module
Gamma Rays: Detection And Modelling PHYS805 Module
High Resolution Gamma Spectrometry PHYS804 Module
Imaging with Non-Ionising Radiation PHYS870 Module
Introduction to Astrophysics PHYS155 Module
Introduction to Computational Physics PHYS105 Module
Introduction to Medical Physics PHYS115 Module
Introduction to Nuclear Science PHYS135 Module
Magnetic Properties of Solids PHYS399 Module
Materials Physics and Characterisation PHYS387 Module
Mathematics for Physicists I PHYS107 Module
Mathematics for Physicists II PHYS108 Module
Mathematics for Physicists III PHYS207 Module
Mathematics for Physicists IV PHYS208 Module
Medical Applications PHYS384 Module
Medical Imaging PHYS855 Module
Medical Information Technology PHYS860 Module
Medical Physics Project PHYS386 Module
Medical Physics Research Project PHYS868 Module
Medical Statistics and Experimental Design PHYS862 Module
Mphys Practical Astrophysics Ii PHYS400 Module
Nanoscale Physics And Technology PHYS499 Module
Networking and Hosting PHYS863 Module
Neutrinos and Dark Matter PHYS492 Module
Neutrons: Detection and Modelling PHYS807 Module
Nuclear and Particle Physics PHYS204 Module
Nuclear Fuel Cycle PHYSN02 Module
Nuclear Instruments PHYS808 Module
Nuclear Medicine PHYS861 Module
Nuclear Physics PHYS375 Module
Nuclear Power PHYS376 Module
Nuclear Safety Case Development PHYSN07 Module
Nuclear Science Project PHYS398 Module
Particle Engineering in the Nuclear Industry PHYSN08 Module
Particle Physics PHYS377 Module
Physical Principles of Materials PHYS487 Module
Physics Icebreaker Project PHYS100 Module
Physics of Galaxies PHYS373 Module
Physics of Life PHYS482 Module
Physics of Sound and Music PHYS321 Module
Physics of the Radiative Universe PHYS485 Module
Physics Research Internship PHYS309 Module
Physiological Measurement PHYS859 Module
Planetary Physics PHYS355 Module
Policy, Regulation and Licensing PHYSN09 Module
Practical Astrophysics I PHYS216 Module
Practical Physics I PHYS106 Module
Practical Physics II PHYS206 Module
Practical Physics III PHYS306 Module
Practical Skills for Mathematical Physics PHYS156 Module
Principles Of Radiation Detection PHYS802 Module
Processing, Storage and Disposal of Nuclear Wastes PHYSN10 Module
Professional Practice for the Clinical Scientist in the NHS PHYS850 Module
Project PHYS841 Module
Project (Bsc) PHYS379 Module
Project (Mphys) PHYS498 Module
Quantum And Atomic Physics I PHYS203 Module
Quantum and Atomic Physics II PHYS361 Module
Radiation and Radiological Protection PHYSN03 Module
Radiation Physics PHYS852 Module
Radiation Physics Advanced Practical PHYS380 Module
Radiation Protection and Dosimetry PHYS810 Module
Radiation Protection in Medicine PHYS853 Module
Radiation Shielding PHYS820 Module
Radiobiology and Radiobiological Modelling PHYS858 Module
Reactor Materials and Lifetime Behaviour PHYSN06 Module
Reactor Physics, Criticality and Design PHYSN01 Module
Reactor Thermal Hydraulics PHYSN12 Module
Relativity And Cosmology PHYS374 Module
Semiconductor Applications PHYS389 Module
Simple Modelling PHYS803 Module
Software Techniques and Modelling PHYS866 Module
Solid State Physics PHYS363 Module
Statistical Physics PHYS393 Module
Statistics PHYS809 Module
Statistics for Physics Analysis PHYS392 Module
Stellar Atmospheres PHYS352 Module
Stellar Physics PHYS251 Module
Stellar Populations PHYS483 Module
Surfaces and Interfaces PHYS381 Module
Technology Transfer and Commercialisation PHYS397 Module
The Interstellar Medium PHYS495 Module
Thermal Physics and Properties of Matter PHYS102 Module
Time Domain Astrophysics PHYS453 Module
Ultrasound Imaging PHYS869 Module
Water Reactor Performance and Safety PHYSN05 Module

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