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Advanced Urban Design 1 ENVS420 Module
Advanced Urban Design 2 ENVS463 Module
An Introduction to Environmental History ENVS223 Module
Analysing Climate Processes and Variability ENVS475 Module
BA Human Geography Field Class ENVS365 Module
Bodies, Space and Power ENVS344 Module
BSc Field Class (Geography & Environmental Science) ENVS391 Module
Building Better Worlds ENVS387 Module
Business and the Environment ENVS470 Module
Carbon, Nutrients and Climate Change Mitigation ENVS381 Module
Catchment Hydrology ENVS217 Module
Changing Environments ENVS214 Module
Cities and Regions ENVS230 Module
Civic Design Dissertation (BA) ENVS302 Module
Climate Change - A Critical Review ENVS389 Module
Climatology ENVS231 Module
Coastal Environments: Spatial And Temporal Change ENVS576 Module
Coastal Environments: Spatial and Temporal Change ENVS376 Module
Community Planning ENVS102 Module
Contemporary Population Dynamics ENVS311 Module
Contemporary Town Planning ENVS152 Module
Crisis And Change In Human Geography ENVS434 Module
Data Analytics and Society Internship Project ENVS614 Module
Data Analytics and Society Research Project ENVS613 Module
Data Science for Social Sciences ENVS803 Module
Data Science Studio ENVS615 Module
Dissertation (Geography & Environmental Science) ENVS321 Module
Dissertation - Environmental Sciences ENVS490 Module
Dissertation - Geographic Data Science ENVS492 Module
Dissertation MCD/MA/MSc Planning ENVS491 Module
Ecology and Conservation ENVS157 Module
Environmental Assessment of Policies, Plans, Programmes and Projects ENVS329 Module
Environmental Assessment of Policies, Plans, Programmes and Projects ENVS529 Module
Environmental Planning And Management Project ENVS560 Module
Environmental Planning and Management Project ENVS360 Module
Environmental Sustainability ENVS218 Module
Essential Mathematical Skills ENVS117 Module
Experiments In Physical Geography ENVS120 Module
Exploring the Social World ENVS225 Module
Field Class (Algarve, Portugal) ENVS380 Module
Field Class (Barcelona) ENVS350 Module
Field Class (Belfast) ENVS282 Module
Field Class (Edinburgh) ENVS286 Module
Field Class (Glasgow) ENVS288 Module
Field Class (Santa Cruz) ENVS352 Module
Field Class (Toronto) ENVS353 Module
Fluvial Environments ENVS372 Module
Geographic Data Science ENVS563 Module
Geographic Data Science ENVS363 Module
Geographic Information Science ENVS609 Module
Geomorphology: Ice, Sea and Air ENVS252 Module
GIS for Human Geography ENVS257 Module
GIS for Planners ENVS279 Module
Glaciology Past, Present and Future ENVS330 Module
Global Challenges: Development, Inequality, Alternatives ENVS144 Module
Global Geographies Of Youth ENVS339 Module
Green Infrastructure Planning ENVS545 Module
Green Infrastructure Planning ENVS345 Module
Human Geography Through Merseyside ENVS162 Module
Human Health In Impact Assessment ENVS611 Module
Human-Environmental Interactions ENVS315 Module
Implementing and Managing Change ENVS459 Module
International Planning Studies ENVS378 Module
Introduction to Environment and Climate Change ENVS425 Module
Introduction to Quaternary Micropalaeontology ENVS342 Module
Introduction to Quaternary Micropalaeontology ENVS542 Module
Issues in Planning Research ENVS346 Module
Lake District Fieldclass ENVS163 Module
Living with Environmental Change ENVS119 Module
MA Dissertation in Human Geography ENVS493 Module
Making Places ENVS439 Module
Making Plans ENVS427 Module
Marine Planning Theory and Practice ENVS541 Module
Marine Planning Theory and Practice ENVS341 Module
Monitoring Urban Air Pollution ENVS666 Module
MPlan Dissertation ENVS494 Module
Natural Hazards and Society ENVS319 Module
New Horizons in Human Geography ENVS116 Module
People and Place ENVS205 Module
People and Planning ENVS636 Module
Physical Geography Fieldwork Course ENVS228 Module
Planning and Property Development ENVS369 Module
Planning and Property Development ENVS569 Module
Planning in Practice ENVS426 Module
Planning Law and Governance ENVS348 Module
Planning Practice Placement ENVS448 Module
Poland: Political, Social And Cultural Geographies Since 1939 ENVS313 Module
Political Economies of Globalisation ENVS264 Module
Politics of the Environment ENVS525 Module
Politics of the Environment ENVS325 Module
Population and Societies ENVS221 Module
Postcolonial Geographies ENVS334 Module
Principles and Theory in Geography ENVS249 Module
Project Design and Management ENVS484 Module
Qualitative Research Methods ENVS441 Module
Quantitative Research Methods In Environmental Sciences ENVS433 Module
Research Frontiers in Human Geography ENVS161 Module
Research in Anthropocene Environments ENVS485 Module
Research Skills (Geography and Environmental Science) ENVS203 Module
Researching Crisis And Change In Human Geography ENVS489 Module
Rural Geographies ENVS227 Module
Rural Planning ENVS289 Module
Social and Cultural Geographies ENVS275 Module
Social and Spatial Inequalities ENVS557 Module
Social and Spatial Inequalities ENVS357 Module
Social Survey Analysis ENVS450 Module
Soils, Slopes and the Environment ENVS238 Module
Spatial Modelling for Data Scientists ENVS453 Module
Spatial Planning Challenges ENVS411 Module
Spatial Planning in Action ENVS467 Module
Strategic Plan Making ENVS210 Module
Study Skills and GIS ENVS100 Module
Teaching Geography ENVS308 Module
Theorising Human Geography ENVS416 Module
Theory And Laboratory Experiments In Earth Surfaces Processes ENVS165 Module
Theory, Power And Ethics ENVS432 Module
Town and Country Planning: An Introduction ENVS110 Module
Trends, Outcomes and Impacts ENVS469 Module
Understanding Data and its Environment ENVS801 Module
Understanding Place ENVS105 Module
Urban and Environmental Economics ENVS155 Module
Urban and Regional Regeneration ENVS336 Module
Urban and Regional Regeneration Project ENVS384 Module
Urban Design Project ENVS359 Module
Urban Design Studies ENVS312 Module
Urban Morphology and Place-Making ENVS256 Module
Web Mapping and Analysis ENVS456 Module
Work-Based Dissertation (Geography And Environmental Science) ENVS323 Module

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