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ACE Clinical Imaging MDSC255 Module
ACE Medicine MEDIACE Module
ACE Medicine Research Project 1 MDSC256 Module
ACE Medicine Research Project 2 MDSC257 Module
Acute Clinical Oncology within the UK MDSC156 Module
Acute Clinical Oncology within the UK (2) MDSC199 Module
Acute Clinical Oncology within the UK (3) MDSC201 Module
Acutely Ill Patients Year 2 MEDI2AC Module
Advanced Research Methods: Design and Data Analysis MDSC702 Module
Anterior Segment Clinical Ophthalmology MDSC231 Module
Applied Ethics for Clinical Practice I MDSC400 Module
Applied Ethics for Clinical Practice II MDSC401 Module
Cardiovascular System MEDICAR Module
Cardiovascular System Year 2 MEDI2CA Module
Clinical Imaging for Diagnosis MDSC293 Module
Clinical Neuro-Ophthalmology and the Visual System MDSC233 Module
Clinical Trials Design and Governance MDSC234 Module
Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care CLAC101 Module
Communication for Clinical Practice (CCP) MEDICOM Module
COVIS Research Module 1 MDSC236 Module
COVIS Research Module 2 MDSC237 Module
Dissertation for Organ Transplantation MDSC305 Module
Endocrine System MEDIEND Module
Endocrine System Year 2 MEDI2EN Module
Foundation Block (Building Life) MEDIFOU Module
Foundation Block (Building Life) Year 2 MEDI2FO Module
Gastrointestinal System MEDIGAS Module
Gastrointestinal System Year 2 MEDI2GA Module
Genomics of Sporadic Cancers MDSC215 Module
Global Healthcare Ethics MDSC404 Module
Graduate Entry MEDIGRA Module
Head and Neck Oncology MDSC136 Module
Introduction to Clinical Imaging MDSC292 Module
Introduction to Clinical Ophthalmology and Vision Science MDSC230 Module
Introduction to Ethics in Healthcare MDSC402 Module
Introduction to Research Ethics in Healthcare MDSC403 Module
MBChB Design and Technology in Healthcare MEDIDES Module
MBChB Leadership and Management MEDILEA Module
MBChB Research and Scholarship: History of Medicine MEDIHIS Module
MBChB Surgery MEDISUR Module
MBChB Year 1 and Year 2 Suggested General Reading eBooks MEDIEBO Module
MBChB Year 3 Population Perspective MEDI3PO Module
MBChB Year 3 Professionalism MEDI3PR Module
MBChB Year 3 Psychology and Sociology as Applied to Medicine MEDI3PS Module
Medicine Year 3 MEDI3YE Module
Medicine Year 4 MEDI4YE Module
Musculoskeletal System MEDIMUS Module
Musculoskeletal System Year 2 MEDI2MU Module
Neurosensory System MEDINEU Module
Neurosensory System Year 2 MEDI2NE Module
Ophthalmology Clinical Imaging Module MDSC235 Module
Paediatric Craniofacial Deformity MDSC164 Module
Patient Safety MEDIPAT Module
Patient Safety Year 2 MEDI2PA Module
Pharmacology and Therapeutics MEDIPHA Module
Pharmacology and Therapeutics Year 2 MEDI2PH Module
Population Perspective MEDIPOP Module
Population Perspective Year 2 MEDI2PO Module
Posterior Segment Clinical Ophthalmology MDSC232 Module
Practical Microvascular Surgery MDSC189 Module
Professionalism MEDIPRO Module
Professionalism Year 2 MEDI2PR Module
Research Dissertation Medicine MDSC306 Module
Research Methods: Design, Data and Dissemination MDSC703 Module
Respiratory System MEDIRESP Module
Respiratory System Year 2 MEDI2RE Module
Student-Curated Reading Lists for Medicine MEDISTU Module
Transplantation Science for Transplant Clinicians (on-campus) MDSC174 Module
Transplantation Science for Transplant Clinicians (on-line) MDSC175 Module
Urogenital System MEDIURO Module
Urogenital System Year 2 MEDI2UR Module

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