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Anatomy and Biomechanics for the Veterinary Physiotherapist VETS771 Module
Animal welfare course yrs1-5 VSCIANI Module
Animals and society VETS699 Module
Bovine Mastitis And Lameness VETS7033 Module
Bovine Nutrition, Husbandry and Lactogenesis VETS7031 Module
Bovine Youngstock Rearing and Infectious Diseases VETS7034 Module
Clinical Rotations BVSC420 Module
Clinical Rotations VSCI500 Module
Clinical Theory BVSC410 Module
Conservation Medicine Placement VECM304 Module
Equine welfare and thoroughbred racehorse industry VETS800 Module
Introduction to Research in Veterinary Conservation Medicine VECM300 Module
Introduction to Veterinary Epidemiology VETS652 Module
Small animal and comparative studies BVSC530 Module
Small animal and comparative studies BVSC510 Module
Small animal and comparative studies BVSC520 Module
Veterinary Professional and Communication Skills BVSC600 Module
Vets Year One VSCI100 Module
Vets Year Three VSCI300 Module
Vets Year Two VSCI200 Module

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