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Becoming a Leader (KOL) MGTK721 Module
Brand Creation and Management (KOL) MGTK736 Module
Cloud Computing (KOL) CSCK514 Module
Consumer Behaviour (KOL) MGTK734 Module
Contemporary Project Management (KOL) MGTK760 Module
Corporate Citizenship (KOL) MGTK749 Module
Corporate Finance (KOL) MGTK752 Module
Data Strategy and Analytics for Managers (KOL) MGTK747 Module
Derivatives and Alternative Investments (KOL) MGTK757 Module
Developing as a Manager and Leader (KOL) MGTK737 Module
Digital Communications and Social Media Marketing (KOL) MGTK735 Module
Digital Marketing Strategy and Practice (KOL) MGTK733 Module
Digital Strategic Marketing (KOL) MGTK740 Module
Dissertation (KOL) MGTK728 Module
Economics in Financial Markets (KOL) MGTK758 Module
Entrepreneurship and Innovation (KOL) MGTK726 Module
Equity and Fixed Income (KOL) MGTK754 Module
Ethical and Sustainable Business Practice (KOL) MGTK722 Module
Finance and Data Analysis (KOL) MGTK723 Module
Financial Institutions, Regulation and Ethics (KOL) MGTK753 Module
Financial Reporting and Analysis (KOL) MGTK756 Module
Global Context of Sports Business (KOL) MKBL701 Module
Global Leadership (KOL) MGTK750 Module
Identity, Learning and The Global Professional (KOL) MGTK725 Module
Innovation and Entrepreneurship (KOL) MGTK744 Module
Inspiring Others: the Psychology of Leadership (KOL) PSYK318 Module
International Business and the Global Economy Master (KOL) MGTK738 Module
Leadership in Sport (KOL) MGTK700 Module
Leading and Managing Project Teams (KOL) MGTK763 Module
Leading Complex Change in Healthcare Settings (KOL) HLSK712 Module
Leading Innovation in Healthcare Master (KOL) HLSK714 Module
Leading People and Teams in Healthcare Organisations (KOL) MGTK713 Module
Leading Strategic Management (KOL) MGTK711 Module
Management in Practice (KOL) MGTK746 Module
Management Perspectives and Practices (KOL) MGTK720 Module
Managing Change and Conflict (KOL) MGTK731 Module
Managing Financial Resources (KOL) MGTK739 Module
Managing Human Resources (KOL) MGTK741 Module
MBA Career Catalyst (KOL) KOLMBA Module
MBA Project (KOL) MGTK751 Module
MSc Healthcare Leadership (KOL) MGTK710 Module
Operations and Supply Chain Management (KOL) MGTK742 Module
People and Performance Management (KOL) MGTK732 Module
Policy and Programme Challenges in Low Income Countries (KOL) PUBK527 Module
Portfolio Management (KOL) MGTK755 Module
Portfolio, Programme, and Project Execution (KOL) MGTK762 Module
Project Management (KOL) MGTK748 Module
Quality Management and Safety in Driving Safe Healthcare (KOL) HLSK715 Module
Research Methods (KOL) MGTK759 Module
Research Methods (KOL) MGTK727 Module
Research Methods (KOL) MGTK717 Module
Risk and Uncertainty in Project Planning (KOL) MGTK761 Module
Sports Business Analytics (KOL) MGTK709 Module
Sports Marketing and Sponsorship (KOL) MGTK707 Module
Sports Operations and Events (KOL) MGTK702 Module
Sports Strategy and Governance (KOL) MGTK708 Module
Strategic Advantage (KOL) MGTK743 Module
Strategic Human Resource Management (KOL) MGTK729 Module
Strategic Learning Training and Development (KOL) MGTK730 Module
Strategic Management and Contemporary Organisation (KOL) MGTK724 Module
Strategic Management Simulation (KOL) MGTK745 Module
Strategic Procurement Management (KOL) MGTK764 Module
Supply Chain Operations Management (KOL) MGTK765 Module

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